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Ceramic Coating

When customers ask us which service we recommend most, the answer is always ceramic coating! The benefits of ceramic coating include a stunning mirror like finish, protection from the elements and it keeps your car looking its best because dirt, dust, water and tree sap won't stick to the protective finish. The process of applying ceramic coating begins first with paint correction to remove existing imperfections in the car's paint, like swirl marks and scuffs. That is why we always recommend having ceramic coating done as early as possible because the fresher the paint, the better it can be preserved. That said, we have seen some pretty bad swirl marks and scuffs disappear or greatly improve after being meticulously corrected. Following the paint correction, the System X ceramic coating product is applied in a very well lit and dust free environment to ensure a perfect end result. Unfortunately we have seen many customers come to us after having a ceramic coating treatment from another technician where the end result was not satisfactory because these important requirements were not taken into consideration. When you're booking a treatment for your vehicle, make sure you are working with a technician who knows what they are doing and is an expert in their field. GTA Customs is dedicated to making sure you love the results because we know how much your car means to you - we're car people too! Call us today for more information or to book: 905-616-0991 or email us at


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